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What is mindful gifting?

Updated: Aug 14

We always hear about mindfulness nowadays and in this world of continuously advancing technology and busy everyday life, practicing mindfulness is becoming a real challenge.

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing and not overly reactive or overwhelmed

by what's going on around us (definition from A simpler definition from the Oxford Dictionary of mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.

Keeping those definitions in mind, mindful gifting or sometimes called mindful giving means being conscious of what gifts we give to our friends and families. With the increasing demand of online shopping, ordering gifts is becoming more and more convenient

at just a few clicks of a button on your mobile devices. Giving gifts and sending them has never become so easy, whether you're in the same city or country as the recipient or not.

Mindfulness in giving gifts is a simple way for us to offer our time and effort in being aware of what our friends and family really want for their birthday, Eid, anniversary, Christmas or any other important celebrations. Mindful giving involves paying attention to what is meaningful for the recipient and knowing your reasons behind giving the gift. When we give a gift, we want to make the recipient happy and know that we think of them, we value them and that they are important to us. But mindful giving does not end there and we forget one factor of gift giving which we believe is ultimately important. Exploring how your gift could impact the environment is something we all should think about when considering buying a gift. Next time you are planning to buy a gift for someone, ask yourselves these questions:

  1. Is the gift meaningful?

  2. What is the real reason of buying the gift?

  3. How does the gift impact the environment?

The third question is a very vague question and this is where ou

r business want to help people in making a good decision. The Cultured Gifts (TCG) advocates in helping to protect the environment while doing its business. We strive to use eco-friendly raw materials and offer eco-friendly (not harmful to the environment) products that are handmade (meaningful), personalised (well thought of by the giver and made specifically with care for the recipient). TCG is committed not only in providing personalised gifts but also in carefully packing and delivering your chosen gifts. We use eco-friendly packaging and we continuously find ways to lessen our environmental impact and increase awareness in our community. Let's not forget our carbon-footprint. When you buy your products locally and from small business owners, you are helping not only us but also the environment.

Be mindful. Choose gifting with a purpose.

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